A windswept beach. A secluded lakeshore. A river’s lush, green edge. Where the water meets the land and the earth meets the sky…

We believe that life – living - happens outside. And at Robie, our purpose is to help you treasure every second you get out there. We’re there to get you where you want to be: into the water, into the wild, into the vast outdoors. And afterwards, to help you keep hold of the feeling it gave you, for longer.

Don’t compromise your experience. Any of it. Enjoy that glorious moment of anticipation: the assault on your senses as you stand on the shoreline, psyching yourself up for that first invigorating blast of cold water. And afterwards, when your skin sings and your body aches from your adventures: keep hold of the glorious glow.

It’s hard to believe that before we created it, the changing robe didn’t exist. But we well remember the days when an ordinary beach towel was all we had to protect us (and our dignity) from the elements as we got into and out of the water. 

We found the solution. The Robie was the first ever combined robe and towel – and it revolutionised the beach experience and quickly became a staple piece of kit for water users around the globe.

But we didn’t stop there. We’ve never lost that spirit of innovation and we’re constantly checking, tweaking and perfecting our designs and materials; bringing new products to the market when we see water users’ needs evolve. 

So with a Robie in your board bag, backpack or car boot, you can be confident you’re facing the elements with the best that there is. And once you’ve got one, you’ll wonder why you ever made do without one.

It's wild out there! Be prepared to enjoy it!