West Cornwall’s Jayce Robinson is one of the UK’s most talented surfers. Known for his uncanny ability to get into and make it out of the barrel, his casual style and aerial game, Jayce is an accomplished competitor and Boardmasters Champion but prefers to hunt down the best waves on his own terms. Whilst many surfers in the UK study the charts and chase swells, what perhaps sets Jayce apart from the rest of us is how he seems to time and time again be at the right place, on the right tide, to score the wave of the day.

Jayce and his partner Hannah live the good life on an idyllic smallholding in West Cornwall where they have just finished building their dream home; they grow their own vegetables and salads, and Jayce’s other passion of spearfishing often puts food on the table. But if there’re waves, Jayce will be on it. If you’re a surfer in the South West of England and you see Jayce out, you can rest assured that you’re in the best place.