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Ride the Waves in Style: Top Picks for Men's Wetsuits in New Zealand

Aotearoa, with its stunning coastal landscapes and ocean waves, is a surfer's dream destination. The joy of conquering waves, feeling the spray on your face, and being at one with the vastness of the sea is an experience many Kiwis cherish. And when it comes to surfing in NZ, having the right wetsuit isn’t just about comfort; it’s about maximising every moment in the water.

Gear up because here are our top picks for men’s wetsuits to ride those waves in style.

Understanding Wetsuit Technology

The science behind wetsuits is fascinating. They work on a simple principle: trapping a thin layer of water between the suit and your skin. Your body heats this water, providing insulation against the cold ocean.

The type of neoprene, the main material in wetsuits, and its thickness play crucial roles in determining the insulation capability. So, when you're feeling cosy in cold waters, you have this trapped water layer and neoprene to thank.

Why New Zealand Waters Demand Quality Wetsuits

New Zealand's waters are diverse. From the warmer Northern beaches to the cooler Southern shores, the water temperature can vary significantly. The North Island, for instance, has subtropical waters, especially in its far north, making it relatively warmer. In contrast, the South Island, closer to the Antarctic, has colder waters. This variance makes it essential for surfers in NZ to own wetsuits that cater to different water temperatures.

Wetsuit Thickness and Your Surfing Experience

The thickness of your wetsuit can significantly impact your surfing experience. While a thicker wetsuit provides more warmth, it might also reduce flexibility. For instance, a 4:3 wetsuit, where the body has a thickness of 4mm and the arms and legs are 3mm, is often seen as a balanced choice for many surfers. It offers warmth without compromising too much on mobility.

Understanding the water temperatures of your favourite surfing spots can help you choose the right thickness.

The Environmental Aspect

Today, with growing awareness about environmental issues, many surfers are considering the ecological footprint of their wetsuits. Traditional wetsuit neoprene is derived from petroleum, but many brands, including C-Skins, are exploring eco-friendly alternatives. Using limestone-based neoprene or incorporating natural rubber are some steps in this direction. As consumers, choosing eco-friendly options not only reduces our environmental impact but also supports brands that are pushing for a sustainable future.

While C-Skins wetsuits promise unparalleled performance and style, what truly sets them apart is the commitment to eco-friendliness. At C-Skins, the love for the ocean translates into sustainable practices, ensuring that while you enjoy the waves, you also play your part in preserving them for future generations.


The ReWired range is the epitome of innovation and style. With features like the Dark Matter chest panel, it doesn’t just keep you warm but also enhances durability and board contact. Its Halo X neoprene upper body is crafted for unrivalled paddle power, ensuring reduced fatigue even after long sessions. And let’s not forget about the Enigma 3 Zip with Single Cinch design, offering increased freedom of movement.


Perfect for those looking for a blend of warmth, fit, and affordability. The Session wetsuit is designed with a ThermoTech Poly Pro back panel, ensuring that even on colder days, your core remains warm. The 100% Xtend Neoprene offers flexibility like no other, making this suit an excellent choice for those who love extended surf sessions.


True to its name, the Legend series brings top-end features without burning a hole in your pocket. Its Xtend neoprene upper body ensures optimum flexibility, while the Antifreeze Poly pro chest & back panel keeps you warm in chilly waters. It's a wetsuit that promises performance and style without compromise.


For those just starting their journey with the waves, the Element series is your ideal companion. Crafted with a focus on value, it doesn’t skimp on features. From Xtend neoprene to a Mesh Skin chest and back, it offers all you need to make your early surfing days memorable.

Find Your Perfect Wetsuit

Selecting the right mens wetsuit isn’t just about the brand or style; it means finding a suit that aligns with your surfing goals, environmental responsibilities, and of course, aesthetics. So, whether you're a pro surfer aiming to tackle the mightiest waves or a beginner looking to find his stride, these top wetsuit picks are waiting for you.

Experience the sea with confidence. With performance technology and unbeatable value, you can make the most of your time in the water.

Dive Into Comfort: Men’s Wetsuits NZ For All Levels Of Surfing

Dive Into Comfort: Men’s Wetsuits NZ For All Levels Of Surfing

If you’re a surfer in NZ, then you may have passed by a wetsuit sale before and thought, ‘Should I pick one up for myself?’ It doesn’t matter what level of surfer you are, or if you’re strictly a casual surfer or if you plan on going pro one day, you can always benefit from a well-made wetsuit.

That’s because these suits are designed to improve your surfing experience like never before. Their sleek and protective design allows you to ride the waves in style while protecting yourself.

Why You Should Wear A Wetsuit When You Surf

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, wearing a wetsuit is a very smart idea for surfing (or diving) in New Zealand for many reasons.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of wearing a wetsuit:

Warmth. As you look at the wetsuits on sale in NZ, you’ll want to pay attention to thickness. This is because the thickness of your suit will affect how warm it is.

Warmth is one of the first perks of wearing a wetsuit that you’ll notice. Their sturdy, durable material can help you stay warm and comfy while you surf.

Why is it important for surfers to stay warm, anyway? Imagine trying to surf in chilly water - you’ll probably want to get out pretty soon! Being too cold can hinder your performance and your comfort. A nice, thick wetsuit can make it so that you can have fun surfing for a long time, even when it’s colder.

Buoyancy. Did you know that a wetsuit can help you float better? This extra buoyancy can make it easier to paddle, catch waves and position yourself in the water.

So, finding a good NZ wetsuit on sale is a fantastic choice for beginners who might have some trouble positioning themselves or performing well in the water. Along with all of the other advantages on this list, a wetsuit can help beginners handle themselves better in the water while they build up their strength and skills.

Protection. Many New Zealanders have a strong connection to the ocean. The sea is beautiful and full of wonder, and it drives us to explore it and connect with it through activities like surfing. However, this comes with a downside - the ocean may be full of beauty, but it's also full of potential danger.

That’s part of the reason why wearing a wetsuit is a must - they offer you an extra layer of protection that regular swimwear or clothing cannot.

A wetsuit can protect your skin from dangers like hard-to-see jellyfish or floating ocean debris. Even if a jellyfish does touch you, chances are its stingers won’t get through your wetsuit. It can also protect your skin from getting a nasty sunburn.

Although, it’s important to note that a wetsuit isn’t going to cover your entire body. Make sure you check out any accessories they have at the NZ wetsuit sale so you can protect the rest of your body.

For instance, you can get sturdy boots to protect your feet from sharp rocks and other pointy objects on the ocean floor.

A Few Quick Tips For Finding Your Perfect Wetsuit

A key thing to remember about these wetsuit benefits is that you’ll only really experience all of them if you find the right wetsuit for you. Wetsuits come in different designs and sizes, so not all of them will be a good fit for you.

So, be sure you keep these in mind when you look at an NZ wetsuit sale:

  • Thickness. The thickness of your wetsuit will affect how protective and warm it is. Think about how warm you want your wetsuit to be. The thicker a wetsuit is, the more it’ll affect your mobility, so be sure you find a good balance of thickness to mobility that suits your style.
  • Fit. Your wetsuit should fit snugly, but it should never feel too tight, and it certainly should never feel like it’s fully restricting your movement. A suit that’s too tight can be uncomfortable and make it hard to move and perform well on the water, but a wetsuit that’s too loose won’t provide adequate insulation or protection. Before you purchase anything, you should look at size charts and make sure your chosen wetsuit is right for your body.

Where You Can Go For High-Quality Wetsuits Made With Sustainable Practices

Come to C-Skins if you’re searching for amazing wetsuits and accessories. We have plenty of wetsuits on sale for NZ surfers of all kinds, from men to women to children. We have many wetsuits from amazing lines, like our Session men’s wetsuits.

Our team strongly values the ocean and the world, and we’re dedicated to supporting sustainable practices that help us all move towards a better future. We encourage you to read about what kinds of eco-development practices we follow if you love the ocean as much as we do. You can find helpful information about it on our website here.

Do you have any questions for us? You can reach our team on 021 028 36002 if you’d like to talk.

Experience the New Zealand ocean in a new way with incredible C-Skins wetsuits!

Catch The Waves For Less: Score Big Savings On Wetsuits In New Zealand

Catch The Waves For Less: Score Big Savings On Wetsuits In New Zealand

Wetsuits are essential for staying warm, protected and comfortable when you’re out in the water. But with so many different wetsuits on the market, it can be really tough to know which one is right for you! No worries, you can find the perfect new wetsuit by keeping an eye out for wetsuit sales in NZ and looking at the right qualities.

Every avid surfer knows that the right wetsuit can do so much for your surfing experience! So, you should never only look at the price when searching for a new one.

Instead, continue reading to learn how to be a smart shopper when searching for a brand-new wetsuit in Aotearoa.

A Few Top Tips For Finding The Best Wetsuits In New Zealand

There’s a lot that goes into a good wetsuit, so there’s a lot that you should look at when you search for one. Consider the following as you shop around:

Wetsuit Thickness. Don’t forget to pay attention to wetsuit thickness as you browse wetsuit sales in NZ. The thickness of a wetsuit will determine how warm it would be. If you plan on spending some time in colder water, you’ll want a good suit that’s a bit on the thicker side. The warmer you are, the longer you’ll be able to be on the waves without getting too fatigued and chilly.

However, this warmth does come with a drawback - thicker wetsuits are less flexible, so you can expect to be more restricted in one. Keep both warmth and flexibility in mind as you shop!

Fit. Think about your size as you look for NZ wetsuit sales. Your wetsuit should fit snugly, but it shouldn’t be too tight, and it should never drastically restrict your movement even if it’s thicker. You should be able to move freely without feeling stuffy or constricted. If the suit is too loose, it will let in water and make you cold. If it’s too tight, you’ll be uncomfortable and may not be able to pull off the movements you want to pull off.

Always look at a seller’s size charts before you buy anything.

Their Construction And Manufacturing. Many Kiwi surfers feel an attachment to the ocean and to nature, so many of us deeply value eco-friendly products and manufacturing processes. We certainly want our wetsuits to be durable and well-made, but not at the cost of harming the Earth!

If you’re passionate about green choices, look for wetsuits that are made with the environment in mind. We at C-Skins truly care about making sustainable choices, and those morals show in our products. We don’t just want to supply NZ with good wetsuits; we want to supply NZ with good wetsuits made with good practices.

You can certainly feel physically and mentally good when you surf in an eco-friendly wetsuit!

The Seller’s Reputation. A wetsuit might look good during an NZ wetsuit sale, or it could look amazing in pictures or when hung up on a rack. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be amazing when you put it on and head out for a fun day in the water. A good way to tell if a wetsuit will be reliable and high-quality is to look at the seller or manufacturer itself.

Before you make your purchase, check out online reviews of the brand’s wetsuits. This is an easy way to see what fellow surfers think about the wetsuit you’re looking at.

Accessories. Although these aren’t technically part of the wetsuit itself, they’re still important to think about. Consider hoods, boots, gloves and more if you’re purchasing a wetsuit. These accessories will help you stay protected and warm while you’re out catching waves.

Price. Of course, price should always be taken into account - but it should never be the highest thing on your priority list. The quality of your wetsuit will greatly impact how expensive it is. Remember to think about the wetsuit’s quality, construction and how it was made when you look at its price.

Cheaper wetsuits may be nice at the moment, but they certainly won’t last as long. Durable products made from eco-friendly materials and good designs are sure to last for years. Just make sure you maintain them well and treat them right.

Keep an eye out for NZ wetsuit sales from your favourite sellers or retailers. We at C-Skins are happy to have our products in several retailers, so you can visit any of these and check out our goods.

Where You Can Go For Fantastic Wetsuits In NZ, Made With Eco-Friendly Practices

Our C-Skins team loves New Zealand and the sea, and we want to help you enjoy your time at the ocean to the fullest! Visit our site's online store to view our wide range of men’s wetsuits, women’s wetsuits, children’s wetsuits and accessories! You can also visit one of the many retailers that carry our wetsuits.

Or, if you’d like to speak to us directly, you can reach us on 021 028 36002. We’d love to chat!

Check out our C-Skins store and find your new awesome wetsuit!
mens wetsuit

The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Perfect Men’s Wetsuit

New Zealand is home to some of the best surfing, diving and other water activities in the world. So many Kiwis love heading out to Aotearoa’s gorgeous beaches to enjoy the water, the sunlight and the beauty of nature - and you may want to join them! Before you do, you’ll need the right wetsuit. So it’s important for men to know how to look for the best men’s wetsuits before they make any purchases.

Of course, the tips in this article can also apply to any other kind of wetsuit you’re looking for, whether it’s for men, women, children or anyone else.

A good wetsuit will keep you comfortable in even the coldest water. You may be tempted to go without one, but you should know that a strong wetsuit can protect you from something as simple as too-much harsh sunlight to something as painful as a jellyfish sting.

With so many wetsuits to choose from, it can be tricky to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect men’s wetsuit.

What Should I Look For When Buying A New Wetsuit?

As you shop, be sure you look at various options so you can see what is available to you. You can compare your choices to really find the perfect wetsuit for your lifestyle.

Before you pick a wetsuit, ask yourself this question: What will you be using the wetsuit for? You might not need a super-heavy wetsuit if you’re just going for a casual swim on a sunny day. But if you’re planning on doing some serious surfing where protection and warmth are a must, you might need something warmer.

Think about your ideal wetsuit, and then start to shop for men’s wetsuits.

Then, what should you look for? Think about:

Thickness. The thickness you’ll need will depend on the conditions you’re going to surf or dive in and your personal preferences. You’ll need a thinner wetsuit for warmer conditions and a thicker wetsuit for colder ones.

Plus, some people just run hotter than others or prefer warmer or thicker suits.

Suit Style. Some suits fully cover your arms and legs; others have shorter sleeves and legs. What type are you looking for? Additionally, think about zipper placement and how you’ll get in and out of your suit.

Also, don’t forget about accessories! Boots, gloves, hoods and more can make your outfit more protective and practical.

Fit. Your new men’s wetsuit won’t be very useful if it doesn’t fit right. Wetsuits are typically very form-fitting, so getting one that’s too big will just be awkward, and getting one that’s too small will be horribly uncomfortable!

Be sure you know what size you need so that you can get a wetsuit that fits right. If you’re shopping online, check the wetsuit’s description for a helpful size chart so you know exactly what you’re looking at.

If you're shopping at C-Skins, you can view our helpful size charts on our site.

Aesthetics. Your suit’s look won’t affect how well it performs, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter! Everyone wants a suit that they think looks sweet and stylish. If you’ve found several suits that are the right thickness, fit and style, look for the options that fit your personal style the most.

Eco-Friendliness. Choosing sustainable, eco-friendly options is very important to many of us. Are you someone who loves going green? Then you’ll love the fact that you can purchase wetsuits made by people who value sustainability and smart practices.

At C-Skins, we adore the ocean, and we want to do everything we can to promote eco-friendliness. Check out our website to learn more about our commitment to eco-development.

A Few Tips For Your Wetsuit Use

Once you’ve selected your new men’s wetsuit, make sure you:

  • Wear It Correctly. Be sure all zippers are zipped up correctly, you have the accessories you need and that you’re using your suit how it’s supposed to be used.
  • Rinse It After Each Us. Rinse off your wetsuits with fresh water after you get back from your day in the sun.
  • Hang It To Dry. Once your suit is off, rinsed and cleaned, hang it up to let it dry.

Using your wetsuit correctly and taking care of it right can extend the life of your wetsuit.

Where You Can Find The Perfect Men’s Wetsuit

You deserve the best wetsuit you can get. Where can you find the perfect wetsuit and accessories for you? Why, at C-Skins, of course!

We at C-Skins are thrilled to provide ocean-loving New Zealanders with wetsuits that are durable, stylish and made with eco-friendly practices. We value the ocean, and we value you! We invite you to visit our website or our retailers to see what we can offer you.

You can also reach us directly on 021 028 36002 if you have any questions for us.

Enjoy life to the fullest with a wetsuit from C-Skins.

Sustainable Surfing: Discover Eco-Conscious Wetsuits For Your Next Adventure

Sustainable Surfing: Discover Eco-Conscious Wetsuits For Your Next Adventure

Surfing is an excellent way to connect with the gorgeous ocean and the nature of New Zealand. When you surf, you almost become one with the sea, and you can feel the world's strength and beauty. Many surfers feel a connection to nature because of this, so many of us want to find great eco-conscious wetsuits to do our part to be good to the world.

But how exactly can a wetsuit be eco-conscious, and where can you find a fantastic one for yourself?

Where You Can Get Amazing Eco-Conscious Suits

By making eco-friendly choices, like choosing wetsuits and goods made from innovative designs and recycled materials, you're helping us all move towards a better and greener future.

At C-Skins, we do our absolute best to provide New Zealanders with wetsuits that are created with the world (and your satisfaction!) in mind. We strongly value excellent eco-development.

Our wetsuits are created in ways that make good use of recycled materials. We know that every little bit counts, and we want you to feel amazing about your choices - and we do all of this without sacrificing the quality of the eco-conscious wetsuits we provide.

A handful of things we do are:

We Use Limestone Instead Of Petrochemicals. Instead of using petrochemicals in our neoprene for our wetsuits, we use earth-mined limestone. This means that each wetsuit we create produces 24% less carbon dioxide during the production process. Those numbers really add up!

We Use Eco Carbon Black. Carbon black is one of the main ingredients of neoprene, and the carbon black our wetsuits use is made from scrap rubber tires. This reduces CO2 emissions by 200g per suit.

We Recycle As Much Neoprene As We Can. Instead of throwing neoprene away and letting it fill up landfills, we reuse and recycle as much as we can. We take this would-be waste and turn it into fantastic products that you can use and enjoy during your adventures.

We Use Dope-Dyed Yarn. When creating our eco-conscious wetsuits, we use dope-dyed yarn. Dope dyeing is a process that saves water, reduces water pollution and cuts energy consumption. This results in an astounding 104 litres of water saved and a 26% carbon footprint reduction per kg of fabric!

We Use Recycled Polyester. Did you know that plastic bottles can be turned into polyester yarn? 45 plastic bottles can be used to create enough fabric for one entire wetsuit.

We Use Water-Based Glue. We can eliminate hazardous volatile organic compounds by using water-based glue developed from solvent-based laminating glue.

We Use Eco-Friendly Solar Energy. We know the power of sustainable energy, so our production facilities use green energy from solar panels to create our already eco-conscious wetsuits and products. Our passionate team knows that we should all be doing every single thing we can to do right for the world.

How To Choose The Right Wetsuit For You

Isn't it amazing? You can make smart, green choices while choosing a top-tier wetsuit at the same time! We do our best to ensure that all of our products are high-quality as well as eco-friendly.

However, you still have to find a wetsuit that suits you. Wetsuits are a smart choice for any surfer because they can keep you warm when the water's chilly, protect your skin from the sun and give you a layer of protection from ocean life and debris.

But you won't be able to enjoy your wetsuit if it's not right for your body and your style. Therefore, think about the following when you're picking out your eco-conscious wetsuit:

  • Find A Suit That's The Right Size For You. Of course, always choose a wetsuit that's the right size for you. You don't want a wetsuit that's too big because it won't fit right, and a wetsuit that's too small will just be restrictive and uncomfortable.
  • Try Your Suit On. If you can, visit your seller's store to try the suit on for yourself. Stretch and move while you do to check your mobility.
  • Check The Specifications Of Your Suit. Always read the specifications of your selected suit. Does it have any special features? What's it made of? How thick is it? Know everything you need to know before you buy.
  • Choose A Look You Love. Aesthetics aren't everything, but that doesn't mean they don't matter. Every surfer has their own unique look. Choose a wetsuit that fits your body and your personal style.

Come And Find Your Favourite New Wetsuit Today

Make good choices and find an eco-conscious wetsuit that's perfect for you by visiting us at C-Skins. You can browse our products online, or you can visit one of our New Zealand retailers.

Would you like some assistance? We'd be happy to help! You can reach our team at 021 028 36002 if you'd like to chat with us about our goods or what we do.

C-Skins is here to provide you with fantastic new wetsuits and accessories that make you look and feel incredible!

Dark Matter

Dark Matter

3D liquid skin technology bonded onto the outer lining, adds wind resistance, durability and increased traction. Less seams = more stretch.

Diamond Flex Neoprene

Diamond Flex Neoprene

Dynamic multi-layer neoprene created from cutting edge materials

Enigma 3 Chest Zip

Enigma 3 Chest Zip

Reduces flushing and bulk around the shoulders. The ultimate barrier when combined with the Iris II entry system.

Iris II Closure

Iris II Closure

The Iris II entry system allows the user to climb in and out with ease while vastly reducing unwanted water ingress.

LockDown Cuff

LockDown Cuff

This unique seamless ‘doughnut’ design locks down onto your wrist to create the ultimate seal

Liquid Tape Wrist and Ankle Cuff

Liquid Tape Wrist and Ankle Cuff

Liquid tape around the inner cuff and ankle ensures a watertight seal.

Twin Cinch

Twin Cinch

The quick release Twin cinch keeps you completely sealed and locked away from the cold.