Aotearoa, with its stunning coastal landscapes and ocean waves, is a surfer's dream destination. The joy of conquering waves, feeling the spray on your face, and being at one with the vastness of the sea is an experience many Kiwis cherish. And when it comes to surfing in NZ, having the right wetsuit isn’t just about comfort; it’s about maximising every moment in the water.

Gear up because here are our top picks for men’s wetsuits to ride those waves in style.

Understanding Wetsuit Technology

The science behind wetsuits is fascinating. They work on a simple principle: trapping a thin layer of water between the suit and your skin. Your body heats this water, providing insulation against the cold ocean.

The type of neoprene, the main material in wetsuits, and its thickness play crucial roles in determining the insulation capability. So, when you're feeling cosy in cold waters, you have this trapped water layer and neoprene to thank.

Why New Zealand Waters Demand Quality Wetsuits

New Zealand's waters are diverse. From the warmer Northern beaches to the cooler Southern shores, the water temperature can vary significantly. The North Island, for instance, has subtropical waters, especially in its far north, making it relatively warmer. In contrast, the South Island, closer to the Antarctic, has colder waters. This variance makes it essential for surfers in NZ to own wetsuits that cater to different water temperatures.

Wetsuit Thickness and Your Surfing Experience

The thickness of your wetsuit can significantly impact your surfing experience. While a thicker wetsuit provides more warmth, it might also reduce flexibility. For instance, a 4:3 wetsuit, where the body has a thickness of 4mm and the arms and legs are 3mm, is often seen as a balanced choice for many surfers. It offers warmth without compromising too much on mobility.

Understanding the water temperatures of your favourite surfing spots can help you choose the right thickness.

The Environmental Aspect

Today, with growing awareness about environmental issues, many surfers are considering the ecological footprint of their wetsuits. Traditional wetsuit neoprene is derived from petroleum, but many brands, including C-Skins, are exploring eco-friendly alternatives. Using limestone-based neoprene or incorporating natural rubber are some steps in this direction. As consumers, choosing eco-friendly options not only reduces our environmental impact but also supports brands that are pushing for a sustainable future.

While C-Skins wetsuits promise unparalleled performance and style, what truly sets them apart is the commitment to eco-friendliness. At C-Skins, the love for the ocean translates into sustainable practices, ensuring that while you enjoy the waves, you also play your part in preserving them for future generations.


The ReWired range is the epitome of innovation and style. With features like the Dark Matter chest panel, it doesn’t just keep you warm but also enhances durability and board contact. Its Halo X neoprene upper body is crafted for unrivalled paddle power, ensuring reduced fatigue even after long sessions. And let’s not forget about the Enigma 3 Zip with Single Cinch design, offering increased freedom of movement.


Perfect for those looking for a blend of warmth, fit, and affordability. The Session wetsuit is designed with a ThermoTech Poly Pro back panel, ensuring that even on colder days, your core remains warm. The 100% Xtend Neoprene offers flexibility like no other, making this suit an excellent choice for those who love extended surf sessions.


True to its name, the Legend series brings top-end features without burning a hole in your pocket. Its Xtend neoprene upper body ensures optimum flexibility, while the Antifreeze Poly pro chest & back panel keeps you warm in chilly waters. It's a wetsuit that promises performance and style without compromise.


For those just starting their journey with the waves, the Element series is your ideal companion. Crafted with a focus on value, it doesn’t skimp on features. From Xtend neoprene to a Mesh Skin chest and back, it offers all you need to make your early surfing days memorable.

Find Your Perfect Wetsuit

Selecting the right mens wetsuit isn’t just about the brand or style; it means finding a suit that aligns with your surfing goals, environmental responsibilities, and of course, aesthetics. So, whether you're a pro surfer aiming to tackle the mightiest waves or a beginner looking to find his stride, these top wetsuit picks are waiting for you.

Experience the sea with confidence. With performance technology and unbeatable value, you can make the most of your time in the water.