We think that the ocean brings out the youth in all of us, no matter how advanced in years a person may be. The sea offers ageless adventures for anyone willing to take the plunge or set sail, and there’s something special about seeing grandparents making seaside memories with their grandchildren. In our opinion, you’re never too old to reap the benefits of the ocean, whether for physical or mental wellbeing. We chatted with Fran Baker, an avid rower and sea-swimmer in her 60s for some inspiration, and have put together a list of a few of the activities we’ve seen being enjoyed by the older generation this year…

Cold Water Dipping

Fran said, “There is nothing better than being in the open sea and just swimming free. What is interesting and sometimes fun about the sea is you never know what you can encounter. Inquisitive seals, jellies big and small. I was lucky enough during lockdown that I could swim in the harbour where I live and keep up with my training.”

Whilst most think that cold-water swims aren’t for the faint hearted, the majority of dippers are of the older generation! Maybe proving that they aren’t faint hearted at all? Good for the mind, body and soul, the effects of cold water are many and varied. Aiding in boosting circulation, promoting good sleep, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and getting you out of your comfort zone, these are only a few of the proven benefits.

If you’re looking to dive in but aren’t sure where to start we’d recommend joining one of the wild swimming clubs that run around the country, or finding a swimming buddy to join you.