Last Winter we packed team rider and Welsh shredder Logan Nicol off to Morocco with a bag of new Autumn/Winter 2023 C-Skins product. 'Film an edit & shoot some lifestyle product images', was the vague instruction to filmer/photographer Max Alesbury of Survival Stance.

The task at hand was to get some waves while shining a light on our updated AW23 Wired product range. But with the water temp hovering around the 17-degree mark, the 5mm and above suits somewhat predictably didn't make the sea - only catching a glimpse of the African sunshine while being hastily modeled on the beach.

So it was the thinnest suit in the range, the 4:3mm Wired, that got put through its paces proper in the often-hostile land of deep-Atlantic swells, razor sharp rocks and foamy stray dogs. 

And it’s safe to say the boys came through on all counts: waves were scored, the new product stood its ground and no one got bit. (Logan did get a bit hot though, so ended up stepping down to his 3:2mm team suit for the midday sessions).

Check out Logan's modelling skills below and the full AW23 Wired Range here.