Summer in Europe was a hot and largely surfless affair this year. Significant swells seemed few and far between, so when they did pop-up it was important to make the most of them. One surfer with an even more urgent requirement to get some waves when they were around was C-Skins team rider Adam ‘Bearman’ Griffiths, who was due to become a dad for the second time. Luckily for Adam, when this small swell arrived in mid-July he was able to jump on it, and lensman Luke Gartside was with him to make the most of the accompanying beautiful light. We asked Adam for a few more details of this summer “Session of the Season”.

adam bearman griffiths about to surf his session of the season

Date: Just before our new baby arrived, so around the 13th of July.

Swell height and period: 2 ft 14 s se 12 mph

Wind direction and strength: south by southeast, 12 mph

Location: That’s a secret!

Board: 9’6” Skindog Thunderbolt Cherry Picker

Wetsuit: 3/2 Re-wired steamer

Tell us about this run of swell…
It was one of the first swells of the summer, and my partner was about to have our second baby so I was on red alert. I was stoked to be able to jump in for a quick session!

About this session:
When we got there the tide was still a bit low, but it looked promising and I knew that it was going to get good as the tide pushed in.

This wave:
I can’t really remember this exact wave to be honest - I had so many really fun rides during this session that it's hard to know which one this was! It’s a hard place to get a good photo usually so I was made up that Luke managed to get a good angle.