Jayce Robinson is one of Britain’s most talented surfers. When he’s not winning Boardmasters titles he remains, like the rest of us, committed to chasing swells around the UK coast.
What perhaps sets him apart from the rest of us, however, is how Jayce seems to time and time again be at the right place, on the right tide, to score some absolute gems.

Obviously, the wider surfing world only gets to see what Jayce lets us see, so we gave him a call to hear how he spent the fantastic run of swell that swept through as winter turned into spring.

Location: Undisclosed

Board: 5'1" DHD, mini Twin

Wetsuit: C-Skins Rewired 5-4 hooded

Date: Early March 2022

Photographer: Mario Cortes @surfscapes_of_cornwall

Swell height and period:
I can’t remember to be honest - there were a few lovely swells around this period.

[If you were in the water during March, you’ll remember we had some spectacular winter swells that coincided with some almost uncharacteristic sunshine for the time of the year. Magicseaweed published an article at the time, with photographer Luke Gartside commenting: “Everywhere, shoulders are aching, cheeks are rosy, and hoods are coming down. Here’s hoping for plenty more.”]

Wind direction and strength:
That would give too much of a clue, along with the next question!

Tell us about this run of swell:
There had been plenty of waves on the run up to this day and so I was feeling pretty comfortable out there, trying out different boards from DHD and Down The Line surf shop. It was actually a reef break that works best at a certain tide. You never really know if it’s going to be crowded or not, but this session was empty, and it felt really nice to be able to sit where I wanted and not have other surfers hassling for waves.

This session:
When I arrived it looked like I was in for a treat! Swell, sunshine and hardly anybody else out.

Talk us through this wave…
To be 100% honest I had quite a few good waves this day and I can’t remember exactly which wave this was. But it looks like a lovely shape and I’m positioned nicely, although maybe a little on the deep side! I made a few barrels this day and I guess I’ll claim that I made this one - hahah, why not !

We'll be tapping into our team of talented team riders every season, showcasing a wave and session of the season from both our Northern and Southern Hemisphere athletes. Jayce has set the bar high with this opening entry!