The Ink has dried; Australian Powerhouse Wade Carmichael cements his relationship with C-Skins for three more years.

Championship tour regular Wade has spent the last three years head-to-head with the worlds best and has consistently stood out with his awe-inspiring brand of power surfing, winning Rookie of the year as a freshman in 2018 and consolidating his position on the tour, regularly placing in the top 10 through-out 2019.

Wade couldn’t be happier about remaining in the C-Skins fold. “I’m super stoked to be continuing the relationship with an awesome wetsuit company run by great people.” says the humble 28 year old. “The wetsuits have always performed so well for me, so I feel really confident jumping back into them.”

As an elite surfer, Wade understands the importance of having the proper hardware around him – “Having full faith in my equipment is so important to me. Wearing C-Skins wetsuits on the colder stops on tour gives me a real advantage and great confidence to perform at my peak.”

“Wade continues to be a great fit for C-Skins,” explains Mark Brown, Technical Director at C-Skins. “Wade has always enjoyed wearing our suits, and his feedback to our design team has helped to move our products forwards, so we’re stoked to have him staying on.”
Both Wade and C-Skins are looking forward to an exciting future ahead.